My Memories

16 May

My memories.

Last year I took a class trip to Washington D.C. It was so fun! We saw the white house, Washington monument, ford’s theater and many more things. This year I am graduating from Holy Cross School. My class has 23 students in it. We are like a big family. We have so many memories together! At the end of each year we have a bonfire party. They are so fun! We climb rocks, go in the ocean, and have dinner at the beach. We also have a beginning of the year party. My 8th grade year at Holy Cross was the best year here. Just last week we had a graduation dance. All the girls wore dresses. It was fun! I have been at Holy Cross for 11 years and I am finally graduating.

Last summer I went camping with my cousins. It is very fun. There is a river that is very cold but always fun to swim in. This year I went to my cousins wedding. It took place in San Louis Obisbo. After it was over I went swimming with my cousins. This summer my cousin is going to have a baby boy! We haven’t had a baby in the family in so long! It will be fun to be able to experience a new baby.

Last year my whole class were supposed to give the graduating class of 2011 a gift at there breakfast. So since my class is the funnest class ever, we decided to give the the surprise of a flash-mob. It was so funny! We practiced everyday. We were supposed to give them a slide-show but during it some of my classmates stood on there chairs and yelled, “REMIX!” Then little by little we all got on the floor and started dancing! All the 8th graders where so surprised! It was really fun and really funny! Since we are the 8th graders we had to give a good bye to everyone at the talent show. Of course we wanted to another flash-mob! So at the very end we had “technical difficulties” and some people went up. Then group by group we all went up to dance! I have to say that my class is the best!

My friends are the funniest! When I’m with them I know I’m going to laugh! I have these 4 friends that went to the Hunger Games premiere with me. Isabella, Hannah, and Chloe. We all got Team Peeta T-shirts and got there at 8:30. We were so excited! It was my first midnight premiere. Each year my friends and I play soccer together. It is always very fun! It is very nice to live in Santa Cruz because I live by the Boardwalk. One time a big group of my friends went to the boardwalk and we spent the day there and had so much fun! I love to hang out with my friends! They always know how to make me laugh!  Most of my friends are moving on with me to the same high school. I am so grateful for that because I know I will have somebody I can talk to while I enter high school. I hope to stay in touch with the people who are not going to the same high school as me. I know I will miss them all.

This is my final week at Holy Cross. It is a very bittersweet moment for me. I am happy that I am moving on to High School but also very sad that I am leaving some of my friends. Tomorrow is my final day here. We have 2 masses and a brunch dedicated to us. It is going to be a very emotional day. I have grown up with most of these people and they all mean so much to me. During the brunch we are having a slide-show with pictures of us when we were little to now. It even has sad music to finish it off!


These are some of my memories and I hope to make many more.


Fashion Police

7 Dec

Hello! This is my page. I love fashion! one my page you are going to find “who wore it better” and a fashion police. I hope you enjoy!

Hello world!

16 Nov

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